The BallisticNG racing line editor is a feature in the Ballistic Unity Tools which lets you override the Ai's default look target with custom-made offsets.

This is an article on the Ballistic Unity Tools.

Setup Container Edit

The container is an object that contains all of the racing lines that you create, it also contains the user interface for managing racing lines.

To create it, go to BallisticNG - Racing Line Editor from Unity's title bar. To stop editing racing lines, simply click off the Racing Lines object in the hiearchy view. Click it again to start editing racing lines again.

Racing Line Creation Edit

To create a new racing line, click the + button on the user interface. You can also auto-generate racing lines, this will use the Iterations slider to perform spring simulations as a way of generating. If you tick the flip results button then the results of the auto-generated racing line will be mirrored.

Once you have created a new racing line a red button will appear with (o) and - buttons next to it. The (o) allows you to toggle that racing line's visibility on or off and the - button allows you to remove that racing line. Click the bigger buttons to switch between racing lines.

Smooth Button Edit

The smooth button performs a global smoothing on the entire racing line. This can cause the whole racing line to center back towards the track, so be careful with this. You can undo your changes at anytime.

Difficulty levels Edit

You can set the difficulty levels that each racing line can be used on. When you have a racing line selected, click the add level button to add a new difficulty. Use the dropdowns to change the difficulties you have added and click the x buttons to remove a difficulty.

Hotkeys Edit

Left Click - Drag racing line offsets

Ctrl + Left Click - Interpolate offset between last and currently being dragged sections (hold while dragging different sections to quickly interpolate continuously)

Alt + Left Click - Create straight line between the last and currently being dragged sections

Tab - Smooth Section

Ctrl + Z - Undo

Ctrl + Y - Redo