BallisticNG Steam Trailer

BallisticNG Steam Trailer

Welcome Edit

Welcome to the official wiki for BallisticNG! This wiki is written and maintained primarily by the developers.

BallisticNG is a completely moddable anti-gravity racing game. The game is an homage to the original Wipeout games on the Playstation 1, with physics and an art-style to match. The game is available to purchase on Steam. Check it out!

This wiki primarily features:

  • Game info and links
  • Gameplay advice and guides
  • Information on the game's world and canon

For discussing the game, visit our discussion boards at the game's Steam community, or talk to us directly on our discord channel.

Enjoy your stay!

BallisticNG Wiki Edit

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Project History Edit

BallisticNG was started on the Wipeout fan forum WipeoutZone on April 2nd 2015. The original idea was for the game to be a fan made HD remake of the original three Wipeout games. However because of obvious legal issues involved with this, the project was instead turned into a fan game. For half a year the game went through basic development, implementing base gameplay and experimenting with physics. In 2016 two members of another Wipeout fan game, SlipstreamGX, joined development after SlipstreamGX had entered hiatus as the entire game started being rewritten. At this point BallisticNG was rewritten from scratch and built around a new track system that mimmiced the track system from the Playstation One Wipeout games based on new knowledge gained at the time, this is the version that the game is running on now.

The game was submitted to Steam Greenlight on April 11th 2016, it was then accepted and released on Steam for version 0.4 on May 30th 2016.