Introduction Edit

The Ballistic Unity Tools is a set of tools built in Unity which allow you to configure tracks exported from the Track Creator and get them fully functional in-game. This works through Unity's Asset Bundle system, it provides you with complete control of your track. You can pretty much add anything you want.

This method of setting up tracks was chosen because we do not have the shear resources needed to develop an editor like Unity to provide people with the freedom we want to provide.

Installation Edit

Before you begin you will need to install the Unity Editor. Download it here. Unity is completely free to download and everyone has access to all of the engine's features. The game is running on Unity 2017.1.

Bundled with the game is a unity package file. The file can be located in the modding folder of where the game is installed (BallisticUnityTools.unitypackage). Open this with a new Unity project open to import all of the tools and some of BallisticNG's assets to help get you started.

Updating Edit

When Ballistic Unity Tools gets updated you can update it by re-opening the unity package, this will update any files that have changed. Ballistic Unity Tools will be updated through Steam alongside the game.

Check the changelog to see what's new.

Documentation Edit

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