This is a page about the Ballistic Unity Tools.

This page covers the topic of the Custom Track Uploader.

Opening Edit

The Custom Track Uploader is a small program that allows you to convert your tracks into a workshop track file then upload them to the workshop. You can also update the track inside of the file.

You can find the program in the Modding/Track Uploader folder.

When the program first opens it will ask you to select a folder, select your MyTracks folder then click okay.

The Interface Edit

The interface is split into two panels. On the left side is your list of tracks in the MyTracks folder you selected and a local folder to the program that contains your workshop track files. The right side is the settings panel. When you select a .trk file it will present to you a convert button, when you select a .wtrk file you will be presented with the workshop settings.

If you make changes to the MyTracks or Workshop folder with the program open then you can click the refresh button to see the changes you made.

.trk to .wtrk Edit

To convert your .trk file to a .wtrk file you want to select your .trk file and then click the "Convert to Workshop file" button. Once this is done it will switch to the Workshop tab. If you have already converted the file you will be given the option to go to the converted file.

Upload to Workshop Edit

To upload your track to the workshop you should fill out the information in the workshop settings panel. You can save the file at any time by clicking the save button and you can the upload it by clicking upload. If you are not the owner of the track you are currently editing then the buttons will be disabled.

When uploading a progress bar will be shown at the bottom right, a message window will pop up when the upload is complete or has failed. If the upload is successful then the workshop page will be opened in your default web browser.

Differences between trk and wtrk Edit

TRK is a Unity Asset Bundle and nothing else. This is the file that you get when you compile your track. The WTRK file (workshop TRK) is a file that contains information for the file on the Steam Workshop, a file location for the preview image and the whole Unity Asset Bundle.