Dover is an AGL Circuit set at the White Cliffs of Dover in Kent, South East England. It is eponymously named after the town of the same name, where the track is situated within.

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Dover served as a replacement to an unused track in the game's early development stages called Kahawai (later Maceno) Bay. Set on a fictional Hawaiian island in the pacific, it was to be one of the more tricky courses in the game: early designs include an incredibly long layout such that two pitlanes had to be created to accommodate the track's considerable length and a layout that notably featured a jump zone with the normal route located between two short landing pads (either of which must be landed on to unlock an achievement related to the pads).

Due to updates made to the TRM system over time, Maceno Bay underwent a revision in the 0.6 build in order to comply with the new TRM system set in place. The new layout featured in 0.6 originally had no scenery, reused the (later scrapped) prototype tracks' aesthetics as placeholder textures, and went by the placeholder name of "Track 08".

The release of 0.7 saw Maceno Bay completely shelved and was replaced by a track simply called Dover, set at the town it was eponymously named after in Kent county, South East England. The track includes a caverns section with inhabitable buildings constructed inside, followed by a slant straight opening out to the sea with the White Cliffs visible above, and as pilots approach the knot-esque corners section, one can catch a glimpse of Dover Castle still intact in the background.

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