BallisticNG is an anti-gravity racing game heavily inspired by the first three Wipeout games. It is deliberately designed to emulate the graphic styles and design ethos of classic playstation games such as Wipeout, Rollcage, G-Police, Colony Wars, Extreme-G, Need For Speed, and others. We are big retro fans.

Downloads Edit

BallisticNG is currently available to download from three platforms:

The game is completely free and will remain that way, however donations are accepted through a Pay What You Want mechanism on the portal. We appreciate it! (Update: game now costs $4.99 and is only on Steam)

Note that the Steam version of the game does not include steamworks DRM and is perfectly playable and portable without Steam itself.

The game is intended to be open source, however the github repository is currently private as access to Steam achievement and multiplayer source code is massive potential for easy cheating. BNG will return to github at a later date, with these features obfuscated.

Soundtrack Edit

BallisticNG's soundtrack features a multitude of original material created for the game by artists Vonsnake and RBNG. A small amount of licensed material is also included. The OST can be listened to and downloaded at the artists' playlist on soundcloud.

Issue Reporting Edit

The game is currently still in a beta state. Bugs, cheaters, performance problems and other mistakes can be reported on the game's Issues page. Bugs can also be reported on the Bugs section of the Steam discussion board, or in the #bugs channel on the BallisticNG Discord chat.

Update Log Edit

Update logs for every iteration of the game is available on the game's news page.