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Nova Split is an AGL circuit located in the once thriving Nova Park of Chicago.

Nova Split
Location Chicago
Weather Raining
Time Night

Description Edit

Introduced in 0.6 as a DLC track to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wipeout 2097, integrated later into the game as an extra track and currently being rebuilt from scratch for the final release of the game with official campaign integration, Nova Split is a fast paced reflex based track following a similar design to Aciknovae.

Despite being in a area previous destroyed by seismic activity, the track is fairly flat with only a few undulations nearer the end of the track.

Backstory Edit

Nova Split is a highly damaged track in the newly constructed Nova Park in Chicago. The park was to be a large nature park with several attractions, an AG circuit being one of them. The park was subject to a shattering earthquake, ripping apart not only the park but a portion of the city in the surrounding areas. The source of the quake remained unknown and after a changing narrative in investigations, which at one point suggested there was a natural earthquake, it was leaked that the park was to home an underground government surveillance farm and the earthquake was in fact man-made. No evidence was presented to support this leak, however it is believed the quake was created to cover up the fact.

The park and some areas of surrounding city lay in ruin, given the nature of the situation nobody has wanted to touch it. Later investigation by independents found that the quake was created by a Seismic Emitter, a military weapon manufactured by Diavolt Engineering being used to power the AGLs Tremor weapon on AG circuits.