This is a page on the Ballistic Unity Tools.

This page coveres the topic of what scripted track animations are and how to use them. This page assumes knowledge of C#.

Track Animation Manager Edit

The Track Animation Manager is a simple middle-man for any sort of animation. This exists as an optimization so you can run loads of track animation scripts without too much overhead from Unity's messeging system. You can read more about this here. If you used the Track Wizard, this is created automatically and is called < Animation Manager >

The track animation has an update and fixed update list. You drag animation scripts into these based on when you want them to happen. Update is called every frame, Fixed Update is called every timestep (set to 0.005 in BallisticNG). If you want something to happen independantly to framerate then you can run it in fixed update otherwise run it in update. However do note that you should not update anything to do with rendering in the fixed update since you will be updating data multiple times per frame, which greatly increases overhead given enough objects.

Animation Base Edit

Animation Base is a script that can be used for writing your own track animations. It's a monobehaviour with a single OnUpdate function inside. Override this function to perform your update. Since it's a monobehaviour you can use all the standard monobehaviour functions.

Anything that extends from animation base will have two buttons at the bottom of the inspector for quickly adding them to the animation manager if one exists.