The singleplayer portion of BallisticNG (this is separate to custom race) consists of three tournaments ranging from easy to hard.

Season One Edit

Season One takes place in Toxic class. This tournament is easy and should be winnable very easily. AI are set to easy and you can very easily lap them on the easier tracks if you can pull off perfect laps and use your afterburner efficiently. Upon completing this season you will unlock MTechP1 and Arcade for custom races.

Season Two Edit

Season Two takes place in Halberd class. This steps up the AI difficulty but should still be easily winnable. Upon completion of this season you will unlock ProtonicAG4 and Timetrial for custom races.

Season Three Edit

Season three takes place in Spectre class. This season is brutal and you must race very well in order to win. Upon completion you will unlock NX2000 and the tournament mode for custom race.

Season Four Edit

Season Four isn't on the singleplayer menu but is played by playing the tournament custom race gamemode in Zen. In this season the AI are unforgiving and you must race nearly perfectly to win. Upon completion you will unlock Caliburn, Barracuda and survival mode for custom race.