In BallisticNG, the player completes their races by piloting a ship of some kind. Most ships belong to teams that the player represents while racing, and all ships vary in handling characteristics. Different teams hold different philosophies and strengths that are visible in the performance of their craft.

There are 10 mainline teams currently competing in the 2159 AGL, with at least one playable ship each. This page lists and compares the statistics of those ships, as well as a few unlockable bonus ships also included in the game. Visit the pages of the individual teams to view their biography and personnel information.

AGL TeamsEdit

AGL Ships (2159 Season Lineup) Edit

Team Speed Handling Acceleration Shield Firepower Difficulty
Team-gtek Rank-4 Rank-9 Rank-5 Rank-7 Rank-5 Novice
Team-nexus Rank-9 Rank-5 Rank-6 Rank-3 Rank-5 Expert
Team-omnicom Rank-5 Rank-5 Rank-6 Rank-7 Rank-6 Expert
Team-diavolt Rank-8 Rank-3 Rank-5 Rank-5 Rank-8 Expert
Team-wyvern Rank-8 Rank-4 Rank-7 Rank-6 Rank-5 Skilled
Team-tenrai Rank-7 Rank-8 Rank-5 Rank-4 Rank-2 Novice
Team-hyperion Rank-7 Rank-5 Rank-4 Rank-5 Rank-6 Skilled
Team-scorpio Rank-5 Rank-6 Rank-9 Rank-8 Rank-4 Skilled
Team-caliburn Rank-6 Rank-10 Rank-2 Rank-7 Rank-4 Novice
Team-barracuda Rank-10 Rank-10 Rank-10 Rank-10 Rank-0 Expert

Unlockable ships Edit

Ship Speed Handling Acceleration Shield Firepower
Ship-p1MTech P1 Rank-4 Rank-10 Rank-5 Rank-7 Rank-5
Ship-ag4Protonic AG4 Rank-7 Rank-1 Rank-7 Rank-8 Rank-3
Ship-nx2000NX2000 Rank-10 Rank-10 Rank-10 Rank-2 Rank-7

Player Custom Ships Edit

The game includes full support of player-made, custom ships that can be downloaded, added to the game, and raced with offline and online. Players running the Steam version of BallisticNG can enjoy full support of the Steam Workshop for hosting and discovering modded ships.

For more information about creating custom ships, check the Modding Home.

For a list of all pages detailing custom ships on this wiki, check the Custom Ship Category.