This is a page about the Track Creator.

Viewport Navigation Edit

You can navigate the scene by holding the right mouse button then using WSAD to move and moving the mouse to look. While you holding down the right mouse button you can use the scroll wheel to increase/decrease the cameras movement speed.

Understanding the interface Edit

The track creator interface is built from radial menus and dockable panels. As much functionality as possible has been programmed into radial menus for instant contextual access to the tools you need.

Radial Menus Edit

Radial menus are context menus which allows you to select an option through buttons positioned in a circle around a point. Everytime you open a radial menu it will be positioned at your mouse. Radial menus have an infinite detection zone so you can flick your mouse in any direction to any length to select an option. This allows you to memorize the layouts and perform actions by flicking and clicking your mouse.

Panels Edit

A panel is a container that can hold tabs. You can dock panels into each other and also dock them to either side of the screen. This works like the Aero snap feature in Windows. You can drag tabs into other panels to redock them, dragging a tab into an empty space will create a new panel where that tab is. Panels can also be scaled, you can drag any part of the frame to scale it. This works vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Radial Menu Hotkeys Edit

The editor uses set hotkeys for different radial menus. Some radial menus are contextual while some are global across all tools.

Global Menus Edit

P - Panels Menu

F - File Menu

G - Global Toggles

Contextual Menus Edit

R - Resets menu

T - Tools Menu

C - Copy Menu

V - Paste Menu