The racing venues in BallisticNG are scattered all throughout the world, and every track requires its own unique approach in order to master it. Visit the individual track pages for gameplay advice, guides, and information about the history of the venue.

There are currently 13 official tracks included in the base game as of 0.9 - 10 standard AGL circuits and 3 drag tracks based in Asia.

Additional tracks will be introduced sometime after the public release of version 1.0. These include 2 more AGL-2159 tracks (originally DLC), 4 AGL-2280 tracks (which uses modern physics), 3 drift tracks (again based in Asia), and 4 survival tracks (exclusive to Survival Mode).

Information on custom player-made tracks is forthcoming.

AGL-2159 Circuits Edit

Barracuda Model B (Drag) Tracks Edit

Post-1.0 Tracks Edit



Barracuda Model C (Drift) Tracks Edit

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Survival Tracks Edit